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A preview can be viewed to see how it began: SpongeBob and Patrick are shipwrecked upon an island inhabited by scary monsters. Help SpongeBob escape the monster chasing him. Pick up crystals to throw at him to slow down, and avoid rocks. Once enough time passes, you monster beats headphones beat the game. The episode ends when SpongeBob finds himself cornered, and someone appears. Sandy?

The fifth and final game comes out on August 13. SpongeBob encounters a giant, floating monster with a jellyfish-like brain. Suddenly, a huge rock caves in and goes straight for SpongeBob! By controlling the floating monster, SpongeBob makes a quick escape. Press the spacebar or click the mouse to break rocks in the way to avoid getting squished. Hold it to build up power and release to easily break rocks. Collecting crystals will only increase your score. After you beat the game, SpongeBob sees Patrick and a turtle monster. He yells at him to jump on monster beats the monster, and so Patrick does. Then, the mountain picks its "nose" and flicks SpongeBob and Patrick away into the horizon. This is the end. or is it?

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