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A lot of people are now considering scooters as their main transportation. With a lot of different models and brands, how do you know which one best fits your needs?

Because of fuel price uncertainty and the current economic situation, a lot of people are switching to scooters for commuting to work, running errands and other transportation needs; this article will cover only 50cc scooters as they are the most popular, due to the fact that in most states there is no need for a license endorsement, registration or insurance. So if you are thinking about buying one of these machines here are some answers to the most popular questions.

Most scooters have a 50cc four stroke single cylinder engine with a CVT (continuously variating transmission), this means that there is no need to shift gears, the speed variations are achieved through a drive belt which spins between two pulleys. Chinese scooters have a 139QMA or 139QMB 50cc motor based on the GY6 Honda design. Most manufactures offer only four stroke machines due to emmision concerns; a two stroke motor is more efficient because every other stroke is a power stroke, but is also "dirtier" because it actually burns the oil in the combustion chamber. In states where 50cc scooters are exempt, it makes no difference whether they are two or four stroke.

You will pay more for a Honda, Yamaha or Vespa, but Oil Press this price difference will be well worth it when it comes to needing parts or having your scooter serviced, asparts are readily available and motorcycle shops can usually perform repairs quickly.

With Chinese scooters, finding parts can be a little difficult; even though most are based on the same platform, transmission and carburetor parts are not always interchangeable or available, and some shops can't even find the parts for them. It is very important oil machine that you buy your Chinese scooter from an established dealer who will be able to get parts for you from the manufacturer/importer, otherwise you will be stuck with a useless machine.

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