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The iPhone 5 has been revealed in all its glory, with a number of new leaks - including new photos from Apple partners such as AT - emerging on Wednesday, showing off the new, elongated 4-inch screen and other details, such sol republic tracks hd as the rumored centered FaceTime camera.

The leaks to this point, appear accurate, as confirmed by the new images at iMore (which we realize still fall into the "rumor" category). It's visually apparent: the iPhone 5 is nearly identical in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, with the major visible differences a stretched 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a metallic plate across most the back, a smaller dock connector that will be featured across Apple's device line, and a relocated headset jack on the bottom of the device.

These are all consistent with the rumors. Also visible in the leaked image of an AT case are the six rows of icons in the user interface. That also matches the earlier reports of a 1,344 x 640 resolution with six rows of app icons.

We have a full rumor round-up here; these new leaks don't start sol republic a new rumor, but instead seem to confirm the old ones.

These images only confirm the prior "visual" rumors. There have been other leaks of iPhone 5 images, but the AT leak, in particular, seems to add validity to all of the earlier ones,

There are plenty of other rumored features and changes that won't be visually apparent. They include: 4G LTE support, a larger battery, an upgraded processor (perhaps even quad-core), in-cell touch panels (which enable Apple to make the screen thinner), and still more.

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