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This debate wouldn be a debate at all without a mention of Rolex watches. While a Rolex is expensive for most, they cost a fraction of the Audemars Piguet mentioned and have tremendous lasting power. For example, if you bought a Rolex Submariner in your late 20s, you could expect to receive a similar amount 30 years later -- if not even more. What replica rolex watchess do you think your Casio would be worth 30 years later? Not a cent. As we said in our Watch Q it may be better to buy one single high-quality watch, like the Rolex Submariner, and wear it every single day of your life. You may even end up saving money this way over buying dozens of cheap watches and having to throw them away.

In what we consider a perfect balance of cool and exclusivity is the Chronograph Modern from Maurice De Mauriac Zurich. These watches are handmade in Zurich by master watchmaker Daniel Dreifuss (whose shop is one of the top boutiques in the world), and while they are extremely exclusive, they are considerably less expensive than a Rolex. The titanium cases, Kevlar Rolex Air-King straps and open backs make this watch one of the coolest around; while it is pricier than a ToyWatch, it is a hell of a lot cooler. In our opinion, this is one of the best values in watches today.

let the debate begin So, what do you guys think: Would you rather own 7,142 Flud watches or one Royal Oak Grande Complication? Does it make sense to spend the equivalent of a developing nation GDP on a timepiece or does the $350 Nooka make just as much of a statement? We given you both sides of the story, now we want to hear your input. Does a watch have to be expensive to be cool?

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