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Why is it that spam comes in waves? Besides the regular offers cheap rolex watches of penis enlargement and real fake rolex watches, there is an almost stock-exchange like pattern to incoming spam. For a while, I had been getting personalized invitations to porn sites, where the subject line usually says, "[herecomesmyemailaddress], watch [girl's name] get [passive voice of one of several slang terms for sexual intercourse]". Before those, there had been a number of spam mails offering credit (again, so it said in the subject line; I never actually open those mails), and then there had been a few weeks where the subject of choic was "File number XYZ, police department ABC". Now I keep recieving spam that advertizes ways to lose weight. How come there are these spikes in certain types of spam coming at roughly the same time? Y.

I'm getting them, too Yelbakk. I thought it was because I occasionally look in on a weight-losing website (which is very reliable and quite good really. It's only my fault I haven't actually lost any weight yet) The other wave coming through at the moment is a series of porn mails with random hypens in the key words - presumably to make them less easily detectable by the filters. These all have very ordinary names as sending addresses - by the law of averages I ought to know at least one of these people by now, and could have been easily tricked into opening one of the mails. Before that, I had a spate of spam e-mails supposedly from the "Staatsanwaltschaft" and "Gerichtshof" (Coroner's office Breitling watches and department of justice, roughly translated) I had begun to wonder about these "waves", too.

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